Wiring versions


  • The LED driver is correctly installed in the luminaire and cabled on the power supply side
  • A motion sensor is installed in the lighting system
  • The motion sensor is connected to the LED driver


  • Connect the neutral conductor (N) to terminal DA/N on the LED driver
  • Connect the output of the motion sensor (switched phase) to terminal DA/L on the LED driver

Control can be changed at any time to a digital control signal (DSI or DALI) without having to change the luminaire or provide an additional control line.



Use conventional relay motion sensors!
Electronic motion sensors (Triac) are not suitable because of their technical design.


Do not use glow switches!
Glow switches may affect the control.


Make sure that the control line (L') of the motion sensor is connected to terminal DA/L and the neutral conductor (N) to terminal DA/N.


For five-pole wiring the neutral conductor must be connected to DA/N. This prevents 400 V being applied between adjacent terminals if a different phase is used for the control input.


For large installations, supply to the LED driver may be split among several phases (L1, L2, L3).
Any phase can be used for the control input.
Any number of motion sensors can be connected in parallel.